Doula Survey

Someone forwarded this information to me, and I’m passing it along. Please feel free to forward it to other doulas or email lists, or blog about it. The survey closes next Friday at midnight, so please take the survey as soon as possible.

Hello, dear doulas!

PRC is working on a Postpartum PTSD Prevention Program. (Say that
five times fast!) I spoke with the group about this in September, I
believe, and am ready to contact those individuals who wanted to be a
part of this effort.

In the meantime, as part of one of my MSW classes, I recruited a
couple of women to help lobby Medicaid to pay for doula services for
their clients. In order to collect data for that effort, would you
all please take about 10 minutes to complete a survey? I must say,
some of the questions may seem less-than-supportiv e, but know that we
are attempting to accurately complete a Cost-Benefit Analysis of doula
services. So, please answer honestly and don’t be offended! Here’s
the link to the survey:

http://www.surveymo s.aspx?sm= YuFXN6tqf2IHuhU2 PHmqyg_3d_ 3d

I will be closing the survey at midnight Friday [2/13], so please complete
it as soon as possible! Thanks!


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