Breastfeeding **support** kit???

One of the blogs I check is a local “freebie” and “good deals” blog, and recently the blogger posted a very long list of all sorts of freebies one could sign up for (coupons for Betty Crocker, samples of Kotex, and so forth). One link intrigued me: a free breastfeeding support kit [so far, so good!] brought to you by {drum roll, please} Enfamil. Um, yeah. I’m sure an artificial baby-milk maker is just chompin’ at the bit for mothers to breastfeed, instead of use their product.

So I clicked on the link, to see what sort of “breastfeeding support” a formula company offers. I hope you’re sitting down for this, because I’m sure it’ll just knock your socks off [said in my driest, most sarcastic tone]. It includes,

  1. A sample of Expecta® LIPIL® DHA Supplement for pregnant and nursing moms [hmmm…]
  2. An excerpt from Nursing Mother’s Companion [ok, so not so bad], and finally…
  3. A sample of Enfamil LIPIL®, “our closest formula to breast milk, should you choose to supplement.” [Excuse me while I go barf.]

I mean, seriously, folks!! You’ve got a dietary supplement for mom, an excerpt from a breastfeeding book, and then of course, fake baby milk for real babies. Talk about the wolf in sheep’s clothing! Yeah, that’s some support for mom — shoving manufactured formula in her face, in the name of “breastfeeding support”! How about a link to some certified lactation consultants? Or local La Leche League groups? Or even some WIC consultants?

Giving samples of formula is not supporting breastfeeding!!!

Rixa has a “what a real breastfeeding support kit might look like” post over on her blog (I’d add Breastfeeding with Comfort and Joy, in addition to her other good ideas), complete with a link to a Hathor the Cow Goddess comic which is just perfect for this topic!


4 Responses

  1. Ewww, I get so livid with formula companies. It truly makes me sick. What I find so sad though is how many women believe they “need” to supplement and then end in completely giving up on breastfeeding. It kills me. I often have to bite my tongue.

  2. Well of course women feel like they need to supplement..their Dr are telling them so!

    THe other day I had my lil one at the peds office when a rep from a formula company comes in with 3 huge boxs of formula samples.

    Well luck would have it that we ended up in the elevator together and I asked him if the Dr office ordered the formula and hes says “no my company want to help every mother do the best for her baby so they make sure Dr have samples available for moms who cant breastfeed or need to supplement. ” Then he goes on to say the breastfeeding is “over rated and the health benefits are not as great as breastfeeding miliants” would have you believe.

    OMG I just stared at him and then my lil one who is 3 says “Babies get te-tes not crap in a bottle” I almost died of laughter.

    So the next generation gets it lol

  3. Brandy, that is **priceless**!! Way to go!

  4. I love your three year olds response to the formula rep. My toddler is also a big supporter of breastfeeding. She tells everyone – even those in line at the grocery store that Mommy feeds her baby sister her own milk!
    Please visit my blog at for breastfeediing articles and support!

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