Compare and Contrast

This blogger had a CNM practice for her prenatal care in her first birth at the hospital which ended in a C-section. For her second birth, she chose a home-birthing midwife (although she doesn’t specify this one’s credentials). The difference between the two is remarkable, and she writes of it eloquently:

When women refer to hospital maternity wards as an assembly line, or to themselves as lab rats, it’s not necessarily to slam hospital maternity care and those who provide it. It’s because that’s what it genuinely feels like. You’re just another face in the crowd, and treated as such. But my home midwives understood that each woman is different, and each pregnancy, birth, and baby that woman has will be different, so they must be cared for as the unique specimens they are.

And in this post, she writes of the subjective nature of birth and perceptions. She was perturbed that some people she knew had a good experience with the same hospital-based midwives that she felt gave her a bad experience, and wondered why. Then she figured out the answer — the details of the friend’s birth were similar (same stupid no-food, no-drink, monitoring, pitocin, unwanted offering of epidural, etc.) — but the friend didn’t seem disturbed by it. But she herself was. Beauty, and birth, are in the eye of the beholder!

h/t to Rixa and Angela


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  1. I’m enjoying Dr. Freeze’s dissertation also.

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