Kathy’s Birth

Yesterday, I got 1015 hits, most of them to do with “Kathy’s Birth” in various search terms. A big thanks to Jill at The Unnecessarean for getting to the bottom of the mystery.

First, if you’ve come here looking for the funny clip, here it is.

However, if you’re looking for the supposed 70s clip of the woman named Kathy actually giving birth… you’re outta luck. That was just a fictitious bit of tape made for the “Worst Week” show. If however, you’d like to watch actual birth videos, I’ve got a lot of them right here.

Since I’m Kathy… If you are interested in my birth stories, here is my first birth and here is my second birth. If you want to read other birth stories, you can choose that category from the drop-down box in the left hand column.

Onto the subject of men attending birth and/or being squeamish about seeing their wives or other women give birth, since that was the thrust of the funny “Kathy’s Birth” clip you’re looking for. Ladies, let’s let men be men, and if they don’t want to see you or anyone else give birth, respect that. Some men can actually be turned off by seeing their wives give birth, and have trouble reconciling the sexual and birth-giving aspects of your genitalia after seeing birth. If you push it, you may be disappointed by the repercussions. Just something for you to ponder.

Some men just don’t want to see other women give birth. Respect his limitations, and get a female friend (mother, sister, friend) to go to birth classes with you and attend you in birth. We see throughout history that most birthing women were attended by only females, so the current trend of requiring fathers to be at the birth of their children (which is fine if the men want to be there) is an oddity. Just some food for thought.


4 Responses

  1. A few weeks ago, I got a bunch of hits from the queries like, “Why boil water for birth in movies?”

    For the very reason you addressed above, it was a ploy to get the husband out of the room during birth, especially if he was fretful or nervous. Or so they say. =)

  2. I totally agree with you re: only dads who really truly want to be part of the labor/birth should be there…

    After watching the clip (is it from a tv show? I don’t know any background, if there is any), it seems to me that this is part of the silly, doofus-type, ineffective dad stereotype that can totally undermine men who DO want to have a meaningful role in parenting their children. I hate that so many tv shows feature this kind of dad…

  3. I think it’s from a TV show on CBS, but I don’t have a TV, so just have to go on what others said. I’ve got Jill (in the response above) to thank for even knowing as much as I do about the clip!

    And I agree that we as a culture have definitely demeaned men and manhood… and we are getting men who are living down to their stereotype, unfortunately.

  4. It was from Worst Week on CBS. They made a faux movie called “Kathy’s Birth” which made all the men sick to watch. Very funny, but since all my kids were C section, I have never seen the “real” thing.


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