Fear-based elective C-sections

An Australian midwife blog examines an article which appeared in The Australian newspaper recently, which discusses women who, for their first birth, choose a C-section for no medical reason. Rather than it being due to “too posh to push,” the article quotes the doctor who authored the study under consideration, who says that most of the women chose a C-section out of deep fear of childbirth:

“Some of the words the women talked about – their perineum ‘blowing apart’ … the terror at their vaginas ‘exploding’.”

The blog post discusses some of the realities of elective C-sections — that it’s not safer than vaginal birth for either mother or child. Well worth reading.


3 Responses

  1. I say stuff like that tongue-in-cheek. Exploding vaginas, though?

    C-sections don’t prevent pelvic floor disorders or even come close. Genetics and the pregnancy itself are contributing factors.

  2. And I’m sure that pushing while lying down, purple pushing, and not being able to feel anything while pushing have absolutely nothing to do with perineal trauma! It’s all the baby’s fault, or the woman’s shoddy body — certainly *not* standard obstetric practice. (sarcasm)

  3. I’ve had 4 c-sections and am all about letting people know that it’s not so horrible for those of us who could not get our babies out any other way.

    HOWEVER, I am ASTOUNDED at the fact that people actually choose to inflict surgery upon themselves when it’s not necessary! No offense to anyone here if that’s the route you chose, but really, it’s surgery and hands down I would choose a vaginal birth if I could have delivered the baby safely that way.

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