This is weird

I just checked my blog stats (it’s 8:15 a.m., Central Time; although the blog day begins around 6 p.m. — I think midnight in London or something — no big deal to me either way) — and already I’ve got about 750 hits. Today. About 14 hours out of 24 hours for this day. To put this in perspective, usually I get about 300 hits per day, sometimes less, frequently but not usually nearly 400 or above. My previous high day was Jan. 3 with 575 hits; before that, it was sometime in October or maybe before, when a commenter from Dr. Amy linked to me and I got a 100 hits or so just from that. Since I went to that thread and thanked her kindly for all those hits, just as I did the last time she had linked to me, she won’t link directly to me any more. Since I don’t read her, I have no way of knowing what if anything she is saying about me. I assume she hasn’t said anything, since there are no links, but this makes me wonder. Most of the hits have been some variation of “Kathy’s birth video” or going to wordpress and doing a tag search for “birth video(s)”. Which makes me wonder why all of a sudden everybody is looking for birth videos. Of course, there are no videos of me giving birth, because the first time, I forgot to have anybody get out either the video or still camera, so I have no pictures of me greatly pregnant, in labor, giving birth, or in the first few hours postpartum — only in my noodle, as Amadeus might say. The second time, I didn’t think I was in labor, and there wasn’t anybody around anyway to take pictures, much less video, so of course there aren’t any videos of that; although there are a plethora of pictures and some video in those first few hours postpartum. Considering some of the birth videos I’ve seen, I rather suspect that I would prefer that no one see any birth pictures or videos of myself in my birthday suit, so if given the choice, I’d probably not have a video camera at any subsequent births, either (although I enjoy watching other births, and am not concerned about what other women look like at that time). So I’m left wondering, why are people interested in “Kathy’s birth video”? Is there some celebrity whose name is Kathy and whose birth has recently been released? Or has Dr. Amy directed people to google for “kathy’s birth video” so they can see something on my blog that she disapproves of, but won’t link directly to me? Nah — the point of not linking to me would be that she wouldn’t want to direct traffic to my site, not being surreptitious about me not knowing that she’s blogged negative things about me. Unless, somehow, she approves of what I’ve said or shown, which I can fully see her not wanting me to know. 🙂

So, does anybody know why all of  a sudden I’ve got nearly double the hits I usually get, when the day is barely half over? And what is the big deal with birth videos or Kathy’s birth videos? If any of you regularly read Dr. Amy’s blog (which I cannot recommend), have you seen me mentioned? Should I be paranoid or glad that all of a sudden I’m so popular? I’m at a loss to explain this, and I was rightly named — I’m curious as a Kat!

Whoever these people are, they’ve now been exposed to a lot of good birth videos, at least. 🙂

P.s., in the 15 minutes or so that it’s taken me to type this, I’ve gotten another 15 or so hits. Totally weird, but I’m not complaining!!

Update — apparently I never actually hit “publish” so it’s now 4:21 p.m. Central time, and about 22 hours into the WordPress day. I now have 975 hits for today — about 3 times what I normally have. And I still have no explanation for it. (Nor do I have any complaints about it, either!!) But I’m just completely bumfuzzled.


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  1. Kathy!! I was going to tell you that in the past 24 hours, I have had loads of people reaching my site with the search term “Kathy’s birth.”

    Who is it?! I’m dying to know!

  2. I wonder if it is some sort of computer glitch or computer spammer engine or something. My blog hits for the past 24 hours (from 6 p.m. to 6 p.m., Central) was 1,015! That’s insane! It’s almost double my previous high, and about three times what I normally get. I wonder if anybody else is getting this level of hits. Anyone? Anyone? Anyone getting these hits? (I’m assuming you’ve seen “Ferris Bueller’s Day Off.”)

  3. OK, I found it. And it’s funny. It’s from a show called “Worst Week” on CBS. It’s a husband in a childbirth education class that sabotages the VHS tape of a birth so no one has to watch it.

    “The class if full, but we can stretch… like a perineum slathered in almond oil.”

    • Oh, thanks!!! My curiosity is now satisfied. And that was pretty funny, and reminds me that some guys *don’t want to be at a birth* and perhaps *just shouldn’t be at a birth*!

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