Gardasil for Boys?

Click here to read about it: Merck now wants to vaccinate boys with Gardasil, claiming it prevents 90% of cases of penile cancer and genital warts.

That’s all I know about it, and I’ve got a cold right now so I’m not going to search for more info — to back up their claims, to see what (probably false) premises they’re building their claims on, etc. I will say this, just straight off the top of my head: cancer of the penis is very rare, probably a one in a million chance of getting it under the worst of circumstances, but maybe as common as 1 in 100,000. It’s not that big a deal! And both cancer and warts probably take some time to develop, and Gardasil has been approved for just a few years, and has only been in existence for, what, five years? maybe less, maybe more — how do they know any long-term effects in humans? (answer: they don’t!) how do they know what effects it may have on fertility, cancer of other organs, general health and well-being, etc?

Besides, I’ve got a 100% preventive for genital warts (summoning Jim Carrey from Liar, Liar): STOP SLEEPING AROUND, @$$%*(&.


3 Responses

  1. I wondered how long it would be until we saw the ‘boy version’ of this….

  2. LOL. Amen to that!

  3. Just a bit of web gossip here, but I read that THE Erin Brockavitch, now an accredited attorney, is planning a class action against Merck on the subject of Guardasil. Apparently there have been deaths and debilitating permanent injuries reported to vaccine watchdogs, including outbreaks of warts in all sorts of places. This is a “cancer” vaccine that is marketed as safe, yet is highly questionable, especially since every person on the face of this planet is born with over 100 strains of HPV, including the sexually transmitted strains. Virologists have identified this fact by analyzing eyelash and hair roots where the virus in all it’s various forms can be identified.

    So, your daughters and sons already have HPV. Also, approximately 90% of the time your body clears up any new strains because it already carrying other HPV bugs. More commonly though, people are subjecting themselves to problem outbreaks where smoking, stress, synthetic hormones, and poor nutrition, which weakens the body’s ability to heal itself, are the real culprits; outbreaks of HPV strains which they are already carrying.

    What a spectacular abuse of trust and taxpayer funds, especially if this vaccine we to be required for school attendance. What’s next? Mandatory circumcisions? A 100% cesarean rate?

    My children will not be getting this vaccine.

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