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I hope you have The Unnecessarean blog on your blog roll or Google Reader or however you keep up with blogs you like to read. She’s had some really great stuff in recent days, and rather than just link to every article I like, you might as well just add her so you can read it when I do. 🙂

But the most recent one, on shoulder dystocia, in addition to being well-written and well-thought-out, has several great links. Including this one, which is so good, I just have to link to it myself!

It’s a birth story written by a doctor of a woman whose last two children both had shoulder dystocia, and what she (the doctor) learned between those births that made a difference. (Both babies were fine, but the births got understandably tense after the distinctive “turtling” of the heads indicating shoulder dystocia was remarked.) Apparently, the doctor discovered that natural birth advocates had picked apart the first baby’s birth story for the doctor not using the Gaskin maneuver (turning the mom to hands-and-knees) to resolve the shoulder dystocia, and she had replayed the baby’s birth in her head thousands of times and learned more about the Gaskin maneuver after that birth, and decided to use it the next time SD was apparent. Very cool story.

Update: I decided to read more of this doctor’s blog (having read a post from it some months ago — I’m pretty sure I recognized the name and design, anyway — I think it’s the kind of thing I’ll like, so added to my Google Reader), and the post immediately after the post I linked to indicated that apparently this doctor had been “Tuteured”! Not only did she link to the comment thread (I didn’t click, but I recognized the URL), but one of the comments she quoted was easily identifiable as coming from the keyboard of none other than Dr. Amy. If she didn’t write “Rural Doc…gives the impression of not knowing what she is doing sometimes,” then I’d be very much surprised. (I would say “I’d eat my hat”, but there is just a small chance that one of her comrades wrote it, and I don’t like the taste of velvet or straw — I have two hats, one black velvet and one cream-colored straw, and neither one looks particularly delectable, just on the off-chance that Suzanne or somebody else wrote such an arrogant, condescending sentence.) Knowing that she’s drawn the ire of Dr. Amy makes me like “Rural Doc” better than just about anything else could do. 🙂 So when you go to the blog, make sure you read the “next entry” as well.


2 Responses

  1. Rural Doc got Tuteured but she didn’t get schooled.

  2. LOL!!

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