Positive Birth Affirmations

Click here to read one woman’s long and very impressive list of positive things she will be saying to herself now and as she goes through labor. She also provides a link to a website that discusses why one might want to use positive affirmations and refrain from negative ones. If you have difficulty thinking of positive things to say or think, this list will give you a good start — even if you’re not pregnant (you can alter them as necessary).


One Response

  1. Affirmations are GREAT! Hypnobabies has pregnancy and birthing affirmations that moms can listen to. Most moms who take the course LOVE them. It just reinforces the good and the strength of your body. I love pregnancy affirmations.

    I actually just posted on the Hypnobabies blog about an article posing the question of if affirmations can help lower the cesarean rate.

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