Just a mom bloggin’ in her jammies

Who am I talking about? Dr. Amy Tuteur of course.

Kinda changes your perspective of the notorious Dr. Amy, doesn’t it? But do you honestly think she sits around in scrubs or a white coat or business attire to blog? check her email? respond in her singular style to those who disagree with her? She’s on the computer an awful lot — don’t you think she’s in her regular clothes, or even her pajamas a lot of the time she responds? C’mon — when I used to post on her site, I’d sometimes respond to something at 10 p.m., or even near midnight sometimes; usually, she’d be quick to respond — either her or somebody pretending to be her would answer or delete my post. I know she lives in Massachusetts somewhere, so she’s an hour ahead of me, so if I say something at 11 p.m. my time, it’s midnight her time. She’s gotta sleep sometimes. I get the mental image of her in her pajamas, and maybe even some fuzzy bunny slippers, brushing her teeth and checking her email one more time before going to bed. Have you ever considered her like that?

It’s a new year, and time for a new attitude.

I used to hate her. I’ll admit it. Mostly, though, I feel sorry for her. I profoundly disagree with her opinion on a lot of things, but I don’t hate her any more.

Actually, in this past year, I’ve come to see a lot more similarities between myself and her than I ever thought possible. For example, in her picture, it appears as if a child is hugging her. Her child. She has 3 or 4, I think. She’s got kids just like me. She loves her kids and they love her. My kids love me and I love my kids. We both believe we are right. We’re both “into” birth. We both want women and babies to have the best care they can — we just differ in what “best” means. We’re both smart. We both try to persuade people to agree with us (but I think I’m a more persuasive writer than she is).

She quit her job to stay at home with her kids. I quit my job when I was pregnant with my first son to stay at home with him. She used to have a 10-15% C-section rate as a doctor and decry the 30% C-section rate as outrageous; I agree with her assessment.

There’s a lot I disagree with her about, of course. It’s very easy to have a knee-jerk reaction of “Dr. Amy = bad”; but that’s not always the case. She’s gone too far in some cases, gathering anecdotal evidence that seems to support her position, and then presenting it as evidence… evidence that she would never accept as being worth anything were it not to support her position, and someone like me posted it on her blog.

Enough intro, now go read this post.


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  1. A very smart mom blogging in her jammies, that is. I’m loving her Open Salon stuff. I had only read December but have recently (last few days) read most posts back to August. Without the angry doc shtick, it’s a great read.

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