Discovery Health looking for Home-birthers

Here is the info I’ve received… just passing it along in case any of you, or anybody you know may be interested…

Dear midwives, doulas, and expecting mothers,

My name is Zach Marion and I am prod uc ing a natural childbirth show
for Discovery Health Network. The hour long special will feature
three mothers having home births and airs during baby week in June.

We just wrapped on our first story in Kona , Hawaii where Kollette and
her husband, Jason, gave birth on their organic coffee bean farm.
Midwife, April Weaver, attended their birth. In February, my crew and
I will be traveling to Salt Lake City Utah to follow another family
who is erecting a birth teepee. However, our production schedule is
open during the month of January.

We are looking for one more family to feature on the program. The
focus here is home births with a unique angle. For example, home
in the city might be a nice contrast to our other two stories.
The baby must be due between the beginning of January and the middle
of February
(emphasis mine). Mothers who appear on the show receive an appearance fee.

The crew arrives a week or two before the due date to shoot a back-
story. We spend 3 or 4 days with the family doing interviews and
capturing their day-to-day life. Then, we are on standby to document
the birth.

We understand the effect we may have on a birth just by being there.
Through our experience gained in capturing 34 births for the
Discovery Health series, House of Babies, we know how to fade in to
the background and become a fly on the wall.

Exposure has always been an issue for our mom s and their partners.
Network television does not allow nudity. Blurring is employed to
keep content tasteful. I would be more than happy to send an episode
of House of Babies on DVD to any mom so she understands.

This is a positive experience for all that are involved. As a
producer, I have the unique opportunity to promote midwifery and home
birth on a big stage. Help me take advantage of this position. Let’s
put empowered mothers and inspiring birth plans on the show.

If you are a mother or know a mother that fits the above criteria,
please contact me immediately. I am in the office 8am to 5pm CST on
weekdays. I can be reached in the evenings and on weekends by cell

Thank you for your time and I look forward to hearing from you!

Zach Marion

zach@videoartsstudi (zach @ videoartsstudi
Cell: (218) 556-8966
Work: (701) 232-3393


3 Responses

  1. I received this info also and would totally participate but I am due in June.

    I am planning a natural childbirth, homebirth style but it is going to be at The Farm since finding a good midwife is so difficult in my area.

  2. I’m Due Feb 3rd 2009 but tend to come early. I am very intrested in sharing. We live west of Utah lake in a rule area so I’m not sure the setting is one you’d be looking for. We have a beautiful view of Utah lake and the mountains behind it. I am planning my 6th natural child birth, 5th homebirth.

    • Andrea, you’d need to get in touch with the person listed in the post — I have nothing to do with it — just passing along the info.

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