“Extreme Motherhood” on 20/20 this Friday

At least, it’s supposed to air this Friday (I believe it still airs at 10 Eastern, 9 Central, but check local listings). The last few times it’s been scheduled, it’s been preempted at the last minute, so I’m not holding my breath. But, just in case it does, I’m passing along the info!

Here is what I’ve heard:

Segments include homebirth (both unassisted and midwife assisted), serial surrogates (women that have numerous babies for other women), “fake babies” (life like dolls), long-term breastfeeding, and orgasmic birth.

We’ll see what it ends up like. My expectations are fairly low, so I know they won’t be dashed, but I’ll be curious to see how it finally ends up.


3 Responses

  1. Just watched the 20/20 Extreme Motherhood
    What I want to know is – what happened to the success of Natural Childbirth Classes for hospital deliveries?? I had both my children in 1975 and 1979 by natural childbirth in the hospital. During classes it reminded me of the breathing exercises taught in high school track – so you wouldn’t get cramps in your side – “lightbulb moment” anyone? Add to that watching my dog deliver 6 puppies after waiting til we got home – amazing lesson!

    I had NO PAIN with either of my son’s birth. I got tired, but I had no pain. The experiences were absolutely the highlight of my life. I was too busy raising my sons to notice when the trend went back to drugged births or cesarean. I’m pretty fed up with our medical system now for reasons of back injuries, etc – but the birth thing is rediculous. How did natural childbirth in hospitals get shoved in a dark corner?? When??

    This show on 20/20 presented it as if the late 70’s didn’t happen. I’m more than glad it did for me and my sons.

    Why – well I guess I know – it’s all about money. I was apalled that the new tv show “The Doctors” talked up cesarean births and said nothing about Natural Childbirth. Needless to say, I now take that show with a grain of salt!

  2. I watched the show last night, and loved the segment on orgasmic birth!

    As for the section on homebirth, it was interesting, but I felt like it shortchanged midwives…I don’t remember it mentioning them!! It seemed as though it was presenting all homebirths as unassisted births, and conflating no medical intervention with no medical attendance. So I was definitely a bit disappointed by that!

  3. Recorded and watched it last night and while I was glad it was finally aired and much of it I thought was good there were a few things I didn’t like…

    I think the segment about the “fake babies” was strange (to each his own) but more importantly shouldn’t have been lumped in a program with other issues that do need serious attention and coverage!!!!

    Also – I was seriously disappointed with their last segment. They mixed together shots and discussion of unassisted birth with shots from “The Business of Being Born,” (which depicts only midwife-attended births.) THERE IS A *HUGE* DIFFERENCE BETWEEN GIVING BIRTH AT HOME ALONE AND GIVING BIRTH AT HOME WITH A MIDWIFE! The segment failed to address this CRITICAL difference and gave viewers the impression that everyone who “does it at home” does so without any trained attendant present. In reality, the vast majority of women who choose homebirth hire a skilled and nationally certified midwife for prenatal, delivery, and postpartum care! And while women should be free to make either choice for themselves, when educating the public I feel the distinction DOES need to me made clear!!! After all, the people who DO know the difference are probably the ones who DON’T need the “education” after all!!!


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