Unnecessary inductions lead to problems

Here is the link to an article about a recent study in Australia which concluded that when an induction is done without a medical reason, both mother and baby are at higher risk of problems than if labor begins spontaneously. These problems include a higher incidence of use of forceps or vacuum, Cesarean section, hemorrhage in the mother, admittance to the nursery for the baby, and resuscitation in the baby.

Thanks to Dr. Jen for the link.


One Response

  1. This does not surprise me at all. As a doula the moms who are getting induced tend to have more “problems” or at the very least more “interventions” It is sometimes hard to see them choosing inductions and know what they are walking into. There are certainly times when it is truly medically indicated, but often it is not. Their OBs tend to not even tell them of the risks either. It is frustrating.

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