Scottish Women Urged to Give Birth in Their Homes

Read more about it here. My thanks to Empowering Birth for the original link.

But it makes me wonder — if home birth is so dangerous, as Dr. Amy likes to scream, why would this option be heavily promoted in Scotland, trying to more than double the current home-birth rate? Granted, they’re only trying to increase from the current 2% to a hopeful 5%, which is still only about 400 births per year, but the point is that in Scotland they are not trying to take away the right to a home birth, nor trying to decrease the number of home-births per year, but are trying to increase the number of home births per year.

Ok, if you’re Dr. Amy, right now you’re probably pointing out that (sigh) midwives in Europe are different from midwives in America. Let’s grant that statement for the sake of argument, although I think even you, Dr. Amy, agree that CNMs in America are at least as good as if not better than European midwives. So, why do you not promote CNM-attended home birth? Why is it that CNMs who would attend home births are privately warned that if they do so, they will lose their hospital privileges? (I keep up with one blog written by an L&D nurse who is in the middle of or has just completed her midwifery training, and has been told — or the silence has been deafening — that none of the obstetricians in her area want her in their practices. And she or other commenters has said that this is not an isolated event.) Why do European countries (or at least some of them — the United Kingdom and the Netherlands spring to mind) have midwives primarily in charge of births, and I know that at least England and now Scotland are deliberately trying to increase the numbers of home births, and about 1/3 of all births in the Netherlands take place at home, while here in the United States obstetricians are trying to block home births, regardless of birth attendant?

What is different about Europe? Why is it better, or easier, or safer in Europe to have a home birth — according to their health officials and even some/many (all?) of their obstetricians? Whatever factors come up is what needs to change in America, then. If you think that only CNMs should attend home births, then get outta the way of those that would! What factors prevent CNMs from attending home births? Probably the same ones that prevent them from attending hospital births — the U.S. has approximately a 90% obstetrician-attended birth rate, although certainly 90% of American women do not need a high-risk specialists in charge of their care — Stinkin’ sorry politics, Power struggles, and the like.

We deserve better.


5 Responses

  1. Oh, but Kathy, you KNOW that the good ol’ U.S. of A. is an ethnically non-homogeneous country full of obese women with slow labors and exploding uteri and babies as big as Thanksgiving turkeys. That’s why. It’s because American women are different and need doctors. How else would every labor start or keep going without drugs? It doesn’t just happen by itself, Kathy.

  2. Jill — LOL!! Oh, you have that tone down *too* well! Gives me shivers! (Btw, somehow or other, I had a dream last night that my husband and/or my child [you know how dreams are — they change in the middle for no reason and it’s still all perfectly normal] was in the hospital, and Dr. Amy was their doctor. Yikes. Zero bed-side manner; zero sympathy; just “trust me, I’m the doctor, do what I say” attitude. Again — yikes!)

  3. Ha! I was actually mocking the general mentality. Just so you don’t feel lonely, here you go…

    “WRONG AGAIN, Kathy.”

  4. ROTFLOL!!! Oh, that is so funny! 😀

  5. I must say that that is one of the funniest comments I’ve ever heard!!!!

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