Ashli’s Story

I became aware of Ashli McCall through the RealChoice blog. She is a woman who had such severe morning sickness (technical term for this horrid medical condition is hyperemesis gravidarum, or HG, for short), that she had an abortion because her doctor refused to give her anything to help her condition. Even when she lost 14% of her body weight. Even when she couldn’t keep down water. Even when she started hallucinating. Expecting her doctor to know of everything that could be done, if anything could be done, she felt like she had no choice when he had no suggestions for her (beyond the “crackers” that can calm typical morning sickness — which HG is not). So, she had an abortion. And found out afterwards that it was not necessary. That there were treatments — drugs and other things that can help alleviate the worst of the symptoms — that could help.

Here is her story, from an interview on CNN:

And here is a website for her book, Beyond Morning Sickness, with other resources on HG and other things that she has been through. And here is another group of links of anniversary posts of her abortion, on her Self-Induced Child Loss Experience Cell (S.I.C.L.E. Cell) blog. If you have HG and are considering an abortion because you can’t handle it any more (and HG can be so bad that you wish you were dead; and when nothing could be done for it, women have died of it), please read this. And Christa’s story.


2 Responses

  1. OMG I myself had HG 8 years ago and my doctor told me the only treatment was terminating the pregnancy.
    I was sick morning, noon and night, I could not eat. I lost 40bls in 3 months. I could not walk because I was so weak. I was unable to care for my 4 older children and my husband was out of town all week for work
    I did have the abortion and felt physically better within 2 hours. But knowing now that I had options breaks my heart,
    I have had 2 more children since then, 1 that was another case of HG but this time my husband was home and my other children were older and able to care for me

    Brandy, I’m so sorry for what you went through. This is why I’m posting this story and others like it — to hopefully reach people in these situations before they make an unchangeable decision. — Kathy

  2. Thanks, Kathy! You rock!! That’s a great article, and I hadn’t seen the interview yet!! Thanks!!

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