Orgasmic Birth — Bumped Again

Now, it’s scheduled to run the first Friday in January — Jan. 2. I don’t think this is the first time it’s been bumped — I think it was aired to run a couple of months ago… and then a couple of months before that. I was excited that it was finally going to appear, since I got the announcement just yesterday (or the day before? — whenever) — it seemed like I heard so close to the “due date” that there was no way it was going to change. But, just like “due dates” for when baby is supposed to make his or her appearance, so “due dates” for when TV shows are supposed to make their appearance are only estimates, and can be changed. Sigh…

Actually, when I saw the fall-out on Gov. Blagojevich, my first thought was, “Oh, crap! I bet this is going to preempt the Orgasmic Birth showing!” Because I knew that the 20/20 things are set to run, and only late, important, and/or breaking news would alter it. So, I guess you get to watch “all the latest” on Illinois’s wonderful governor instead of wonderful birth-junkie stuff. Ah, well, maybe in January….


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  1. OH I’M SO SAD!

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