A quiet hospital birth story

Since I tend to focus more on the negative aspects of hospital birth, I’d like to balance that perspective a bit by linking to this beautiful birth story, told by the family physician who attended the birth. Here is the opening paragraph, to whet your appetite:

I attended an amazingly beautiful birth last week. This is the second birth for this couple and I attended their first as well. This couple does an amazing job of taking over and creating their own atmosphere in the hospital—to the point that the nurses and I feel almost bad intruding on them, yet they are so sweet and pleasant that you want to be with them. It’s hard to describe, but basically there is like a bubble of personal space around them.


One Response

  1. What a neat story. Thank you for the link. It is similar to my story. I tend to labor very quiet and focused. I enjoy my births and I prefer birthing in a hospital. I have had excellent hospital staff with all 3 births who have kept their distance and let me do my thing. My boys all tend to birth themselves (just about) with little help needed from staff. It’s a wonderful experience!

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