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WordPress has updated its “behind the scenes” look — I don’t think it shows on the part of the blog that is seen, though. It’s pretty cool. Usually, I don’t like to change things — I’ve had the same car for either 7 or 8 years, and I only got that car because my old car (which I’d had since ’94) blew a gasket and died — but I like these changes. It’s much more user-friendly (and I thought it was pretty darn great as it was!), with the buttons I use a lot in very convenient places. All in all, I highly approve of the change.

While I was browsing around all of the new changes, I noticed that I never updated my picture (avatar). The one that I had was from my wedding (almost 6 years ago, now). I’m not in too many pictures, being the one primarily behind the camera. And most of the pictures that I’m in, I don’t like. But the other day, I took some pictures and got one that I liked, so I have now uploaded it as my picture. I almost never see it, except when I comment on another WordPress blog, and then it shows up next to my comment. I don’t think it’s visible just on the blog — although over on the Independent Childbirth Educators blog, there are several pictures including mine, because there are several authors. If you haven’t seen my picture yet, answer the poll below first, and then go look at the ICE blog.

So, just out of curiosity, can you see my picture on this blog? Do you have any idea what I look like? 🙂


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  1. I went & you look very similar to my doula, lol 🙂

  2. Kathy,

    You definitely look different with that long, thick, pretty hair. In the other picture, your head is tilted up slightly, and your hair seems to be shorter, but you look great in both. So, from what I read, your old picture was from a wedding picture from several years ago, and this new one is current, right? Your hair looks like it’s very thick, like I said, but you’re very pretty (in both avatars/pictures). Anyway, I was just reading your blog article regarding genital mutilation, and it’s just awful. I watched this show about a young girl, now in her late teens, who went through that when she was only … seven-years old!

    Aahh, she told her story about how she doesn’t ever see herself marrying because they fused her labia together. She also said that many girls die during this for the same reasons you listed. My question is, where does her menstrual flow go? She’s past puberty, so she must have menustration, and now that’s she’s “escaped” to America as a refugee, can’t she get surgery to diffuse that area? I think I know the answers due to common sense, so I don’t think a response is necessary, but thanks for everything.

    P.S. I really liked your breastfeeding video, Ignorance Meets Knowledge.

    • Thanks, Brooke!

      Actually, my hair was about as long in the first picture, but it was pulled up and back. But I’m also 6 years older, which, as much as I hate to admit it, does make a difference.

      About the female genital mutilation — I read a story many years ago (probably about 12-14 years ago) of a woman who underwent this as a child and eventually escaped to England. My understanding is that there are different degrees of this (although both this woman and the teenager you mentioned sounds like they both had the worst kind), but that there is left a small hole out of which the menstrual flow can come. The article made it sound like it took the women a long time just to urinate because the hole was so small, and it almost made it sound like there was one opening in their flesh for both urine and menstrual flow. The woman did have surgery to correct it (but the scar damage was understandably extensive, in addition to having had so much flesh removed, in addition to her clitoris), but it actually took her quite some time to be able to get it done — she didn’t speak English, and the man who interpreted between her and the doctor refused to interpret her request, because he believed she was doing something wrong in wanting the reversal. But eventually, she either learned English well enough to speak for herself, or got an interpreter who did actually interpret for her, and had the corrective surgery. I remember vividly her description of the first time she went to the bathroom afterward — “Relief!” — because for the first time it took her just a few seconds to urinate, instead of having it come out one drop at a time. So horrible that so many girls are having to endure this every day of their lives!

  3. I along with a friend have started a program working with the refugee women in our community. We are creating a childbirth education class and we want it to be culturally sensitive as well as accurate. Both of us are doulas and Childbirth Educators but this is beyond what either of us have done before. Any suggestions, materials or advice would be appreciated.

    Thank you !
    Jenny Cochran

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