Stem Cell Research

This has nothing to do with pregnancy or birth or babies. While the world goes agog whenever the slightest step forward happens with embryonic stem cell research (which has significant moral and ethical problems to many of us), when significant leaps happen with adult stem cell research (which has no moral or ethical problems at all), the results are largely ignored. But I think that this deserves to be shouted from the rooftops: adult stem cells were taken from a woman and were grown into a trachea to replace her own trachea which had been damaged by tuberculosis. Since they were her own cells, she will not have to take any immune-suppressing anti-rejection drugs.

While I have a great deal of sympathy towards people such as Michael J. Fox and Christopher Reeve who looked to embryonic stem cells to help them with their ailments, they and their supporters completely ignore the fact that research into adult stem cells have had more benefits and uses and success than research which destroys human embryos. That needs to change.


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  1. Amen to that!

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