Woman gives birth after ovary transplant

This is a cool story!

Go read the whole thing, but in brief, the woman received an ovary from her identical twin sister because she was worried about the risk of osteoporosis — the recipient’s reproductive system had always been messed up while her sister’s system was normal. The recipient never ovulated naturally, but apparently eventually had periods when she was put on birth control pills. She was worried about early menopause causing osteoporosis, and her sister gave her an ovary. She began to have periods naturally for the first time in her life — after having been declared infertile some 12 years before. Then about 8 months ago, her period didn’t come. So she took a pregnancy test — positive. And another — again, positive. She’s the first woman to conceive after a whole-ovary transplant, and the article mentioned the possibility of a woman with cancer freezing her own ovaries prior to chemo so that they can be put back afterwards, and still possibly have babies. A little weird, but totally cool!


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  1. That is AWESOME!

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