Some excellent posts on breastfeeding

I’m going to link to several recent posts from a pro-natural-birth doctor in India. The first one is shockingly horrid — a woman wrote the doctor saying she had been blindfolded during and after her C-section, and separated from her baby for the first full day; and then was not “allowed” to breastfeed until the third day because of the medication she was on. While I still have significant problems with much of what goes on in certain hospitals, I can at least be grateful that we don’t have this!

That post segued into two more posts on the subject: The Story Behind Successful Breastfeeding, and How to Facilitate Successful Breastfeeding. Very well worth reading, for anyone who supports and promotes natural birth and natural feeding of babies.


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  1. Kathy,

    Thank you for mentioning about this horrible practice. In fact procedures like this are still being practiced in many many hospitals and maternity homes in India. Many women dont know that there alternatives which are more mother-friendly.

    With education and awareness programs we are trying to underscore the importance of selecting the right hospital / care provider and about birth plans.

    The good news is that this fledgling movement is slowly but surely taking shape, and hopefully in our lifetime we can see measurable results.


    Dr. Vijaya Krishnan

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