Update on Poll Questions

I’ve changed a couple of the poll questions I posted previously — the ones on what positions you gave birth in, and whether you asked your care provider about his/her biases — to allow you to vote more than once. I realized that in my own case, I had both my babies while I was on hands and knees, and if I can only vote once, then both births only count for one; that is greatly multiplied if you have, say, 10 births, and most of them were in squatting, but you had 1 C-section — it would look like 50-50, when in reality it may be more like 90-10. So, if you’ve already voted once, but you gave birth to multiple children in the same way, feel free to vote again (scroll down and look for the “poll questions” link in the right sidebar) for all of your children. (But since it was multiple-choice to start with, make sure you don’t “double-dip” and list two birth-positions for one child.) Ditto on the care-provider bias question — you may have had several doctors or midwives (especially if you moved around a lot, or were unsatisfied with the level of care, or a previous care-provider retired or moved, etc.), but would have answered the same for all of them.

While we’re on the subject….



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