Poll Questions

Since I discovered the new WordPress poll feature, I’ve been having fun with polls (both here and on my personal blog). Unfortunately, sometimes they don’t show up, although I have a poll associated with most of my new posts (in the last few weeks or so). However, I’ve got a link to all the poll questions in my right sidebar (scroll down almost to the very bottom), and it will take you to all of the poll questions in one spot. The good thing about it is that if the poll feature doesn’t show up because WordPress is still working out the bugs, you can still see it and vote; the bad thing is, it’s got all my polls there, including ones for my personal blog, and you may not really care about yard sales and raising children! 🙂 Also, it will have all the polls, and sometimes I may not “publish” the post associated with the particular poll until a day or so has gone by — it depends on how much in advance I find stuff to write about. So if you see a poll related to birth in some way but haven’t read the post yet, you’ll probably see it in a day or two.

This is a “sticky post” and I’ll leave it up at the top of the blog for a few days (or a few weeks, if I forget!) to give everybody a chance to read it. 🙂


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