Ok, Sailorman!

Several weeks ago, somebody on Dr. Amy’s blog derogatorily linked to my Ask Dr. Amy post, so I checked out the thread and left a comment. Naturally, in her short comment about it, Dr. Amy managed to lie about me (said I constantly [or was it “frequently”?] complain about not being able to understand her — I guess she forgot that she is the one who said, “I’m not really sure what you’re arguing about” (first comment); while I say that I do understand what she’s saying — I just happen to disagree with it), and then misrepresented what I had said on a previous thread (implied that I couldn’t make it on my blog without her linking to me so her readers could click from her blog to mine). At the time, I doubt that I’d gotten so much as 100 hits from links she’s done in the past; although in the flurry of the next few days, I got about 200 hits just from that one thread. And not one comment on my blog in answer to any of those questions, which was disappointing.

A few weeks later, I looked back on the thread to see if there were any responses, and there was one from Sailorman (I’m assuming female, despite ‘man’ — maybe it’s her last name? not really sure — of course since most people interested in birth are female, odds are this person is female, so I will use the feminine pronouns — if I’m wrong feel free to correct me), in which she said she’d respond to them on her blog. I clicked over to the post, saved the contents of it, and was ruminating on what to say. Obviously, with nearly 40 questions (some multi-part) on my original post, if I had tried to respond to everything she said, it would make for a very lengthy comment, so I was ruminating about what to say. I began a comment but it ended up being so long (I have a difficult time not trying to hit every point, even when aiming for a short comment or post), that I abandoned it and thought more of what to do. “Life” also intervened (sick kids, mother-in-law visit, husband busy at work, etc.), so it was easy to put it off “one more day” several days in a row.

Finally, I decided that I would see if she really wanted to discuss things, or if she was going to “go Dr. Amy” on me and shut me down, call me ignorant, refuse to listen to my side of the argument, etc. So, I was going to post a comment about one point she made (in response to question #17, in which I said something about “many people say” that 95% of babies with conditions such as Down Syndrome and anencephaly are aborted) — she said it was easy to say that and requested that I back it up. I figured that if I posted the links in a comment, it would automatically be filtered to spam (since comments that are heavy on links are so many times just spam), so I was going to post the links in the comments section of the Ask Dr. Amy post, and post a comment on her blog letting her know she could look at them there. However, I realize that I have them under my bookmarks on delicious (katsyfga), so you can just go to delicious, click on the menu bar named “people”, put in my username, and you will be taken to my bookmarks. From there, you can click on the tag “abortion” (it has 27 different items, but only about 6-8 actually deal with termination rates of fetuses with Down Syndrome or other conditions) and see what they are.

This morning, I tried to find her blog, and discovered that her blog is invitation only again (she had changed it so that I and others could go to it and see the post and ensuing comments). I’m going to post the links here, and I’m using her name in the title, in case she happens to see it.

Dr. Amy — if you’re still reading my blog, you can let her know that I have done this, and if she’s interested in a fair and open discussion, she can leave a comment here or anywhere on my blog so that we can communicate. I don’t mind having this on my blog, hers, or by email, but would prefer email because I imagine the comments will get fairly long, and it can be difficult to type so much in a tiny box, and there may be limits placed on the lengths of comments, or the number of links allowed. You can also let her know that many of her comments and questions were already answered at length in posts I had previously written on my blog, which I linked to in that particular post. If she’s interested in understanding, for example, more about why I asked you about the intrapartum mortality rate, or my discussion on low-risk and high-risk midwife attended birth, or certain other questions about the various things, she can read the posts I wrote months ago, and if she still has questions or wants to discuss this, she can open her blog to me or direct me someplace where we can discuss this. Much of this particular paragraph is what I was intending to say on her blog, but cannot do it now because it’s a closed blog, and I don’t have her email address to be able to get in touch with her that way.

Anyway, I’m disappointed that I can’t discuss this with her. I’m not sure if it would be a fruitful discussion, but I had hopes that I could at least have an intelligent conversation with her. Maybe I’ll get the chance in the future.


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