Having a Boy? — Mother’s Intuition

In doing other research, I came across this study which did not surprise me much.

Most of the study debunked the idea that the sex of the fetus determines how the mother looks. When I was pregnant, it constantly amazed me that two different people would say almost the exact opposite things about my appearance! Literally. I remember being in the store, and one person would approach me, ask if I knew what I was having (no), and then proceed to guess that I was having a girl because I was “carrying high”; and then ten minutes later, another stranger would tell me that I was having a boy because I was “carrying high.” The next time I went to the store, somebody would tell me I was “carrying low” which meant I was having a boy, and then another person would say I was “carrying low” and having a girl. Sigh… Several other women I’ve talked to have related similar stories. I think that a woman’s physique and body type has a lot to do with how she carries her babies; this study shows that the shape of the woman’s abdomen has no relation to the sex of her baby.

The thing that did surprise me was that women who had twelve or more years of education had a 71% correct prediction rate on the sex of the baby, and that women who had had dreams or “a feeling” were more likely to be correct than those who based their ideas on how they were carrying or other social prognositications.

For my part, I always thought that my first child was a boy — from the time I got the first positive pregnancy test onward, I never had anything more than a passing idea that he was anything but a boy. My husband wanted a girl at first, but always thought I was having a boy. In my second pregnancy, I didn’t have such a strong feeling — I leaned towards thinking my son was a boy, but occasionally I thought he might be a girl.

Both of my sisters thought that their first babies were boys (wrong! — girls), and then wanted their second babies to be girls (nope — boys!). I remember my oldest sister was absolutely convinced that her baby was a girl (although I have to admit, I thought the baby was a girl most of the time… but that could just be because I was being contrary). 🙂


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