What Choice is This?

That is the title of a touching composition written by the mother of a baby who was diagnosed prenatally with anencephaly. It is nearly poetic, as the mother struggles with her “choices” of termination (baby dies now) or carrying to term (baby dies later), and asks, “What choice is this?” when both choices end in the same fate.

While most babies with anencephaly die within the first month of life, if they even survive birth, not all do. This baby lived over 18 months! There are numerous other difficult prenatal diagnoses (not all of them are accurate, so get a second or even third opinion), in which parents are told that their babies will not live, or will have a poor quality of life. Most of these parents are pressured to terminate the pregnancy — either in an outright abortion, or in a preterm induction.

Since I’ve not gone through this, I wouldn’t presume to tell anyone what to do, and can only imagine what I might do. But numerous other women have been told exactly what you have been told, if you are seeking information on any number of various conditions. They have lived it. They received the diagnosis, and made choices — even when they, like the above-mentioned mother, asked “what choice is this?” Read their stories; look at these decisions through their eyes, before you decide on your course. I have yet to find a story of a woman who regretted letting her child live as long as possible, when faced with a poor prognosis.

I posted the above links on my personal blog, and somebody responded saying that her best friend had just gone through this experience; her baby girl lived over 7 hours. She ended her comment by saying,

I wish people would realize while there is pain that is goin to come with this diagnosis- there is so much joy that comes with these little people.


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