This is odd

Just out of curiosity, since my son was born in 2004, I decided to see how many other similar births there were, and I can’t find his birth at all! I was living in Illinois at the time, and had a home birth with a CNM. I’ve just been fiddling with it a while, and finally chose all CNM-attended home births (all states, races, gestational age, etc.), ordered by state and gender. Most states record 0 births of either sex, and of the remainder, many states record many births of one sex and 0 births of the other (and when I say “many” I’m talking about dozens or even hundred); a few states record a pretty even ratio of male-female births. That’s just weird.

When I expand the search to include all birth attendants and in-hospital births as well, there’s a proper male-female birth ratio (consistently more males than females born, which I believe is normal); but in the out-of-hospital or “unknown” location births, attended by CNMs, there are zero male babies born in 2004 in Illinois.

Ok, I just figured it out — don’t like it, ’cause it messes with my brain, but I got it: when no babies of that particular criteria died, there are no births listed either. For instance, in Alaska (CNM-attended home births), there were zero deaths in female babies, so zero births listed; but one death in male babies, and 53 births are listed — although 98 total births are listed. So, by process of elimination, we can see that there were 45 female babies born.

I don’t like it — it seems like a discrepancy with the data, but what can you do?


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  1. I had a CNM attended homebirth in Illinois, too. Who were you with?

  2. Nancy Derrig & Chris Butler — Chicago area. Chris actually attended the birth, but they alternated prenatal visits. It is my understanding that they lost their physician back-up due to their not having malpractice insurance (which was exorbitant, although they had had no negative outcomes), so they legally could not attend home births any more. This link has both of them listed, with Chris working at a hospital and Nancy at a birthing center.

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