Pulling this out of my “weird” file:

Swiss restaurant to serve meals cooked with human breastmilk.

Now, as much as an advocate I am for breastfeeding, I think that sorta needs to stop at least by adolescence, m’kay?

I have heard of someone who pumped her milk for years (at the time I heard this, she was still pumping her milk and her children were all in college), and used it in place of cow’s milk to drink as well as in recipes. I think that’s weird. It may be more healthful to drink human milk than cow’s milk (I’m not a huge fan of dairy, although I do use it), but I don’t know about cooking breastmilk. It seems that it would damage it to the point that it wouldn’t be as healthy as raw, straight-from-the-breast milk.

This is just weird. I’m not being ugly or mean, and you’re more than welcome to go over to Switzerland and get a big bowlful of whatever they’re serving… but it’s just weird!

Update: in response to the original article, PETA has asked Ben & Jerry’s ice cream to use breastmilk to make their ice cream. They basically said that breastmilk should be given to babies. I agree.

But it reminded me of a story of older people drinking breastmilk — one boy in his teens had severe health problems (major allergies or cancer or something), and as long as he drank at least a certain amount of breastmilk per day, life was manageable; otherwise, his condition flared up and he couldn’t do normal things like go to school, etc.

However, breastmilk should be given to those who most need it — whether older children (or even adults) who need it, or (more especially) premies and other babies who need it, and for whatever reasons their own mothers can’t provide it. There are many cases of babies who simply cannot tolerate any formula, and breastmilk is literally life-saving for them. If there are women who are willing to pump enough milk for Ben & Jerry’s, they should be willing to pump for a little baby who could really need it, and not just want it — regardless of how beneficial breastmilk ice cream may actually be.


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  1. I like the new look. That is really interesting about the teenage boy and breastmilk. I wonder how they figured THAT out!

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