Listen to your intuition

I recently received a comment on my post on the umbilical cord which I thought everyone should read:

My son was born 7 years ago with 4 nuchal cords. Shortly before his birth, I noticed tremendous movement. The only way to describe it was it was as if my baby was panicking and flailing the same way someone who was suffocating/drowning would flail and fight for air. I met with my ObGyn and she told me the baby was fine, heartrate was normal. I was a new, first time mom close to my due date and probably just anxious. But I knew something was wrong. Her solution was for me to come back in two days in stead of the customary week, which I did.

Thankfully, I met with another Doctor in the practice and she took the time to monitor my son’s heartrate. She listened to my odd complaints about strange itching sensations under my skin (was later told this was a sign of liver distress) and my belief that I was further along than they had calculated. After an hour of making me lie in several different positions and giving me food and liquids to raise my sons heartrate, my sons heartrate continued diving low. She told me this would be normal during a contraction, but I wasn’t having any. I was sent to the hospital for induction but when my son’s heartrate dove below 40 bpm, I was rushed into surgery.

Every doctor/nurse I spoke with the next few days told me that had never seen 4 nuchal cords and that, considering the situation, they were amazed he was born alive. My son scored well on his Apgar, 9-9 but we have seen some effects we believe are related to possible oxygen deprivation in utero. He is currently being evaluated for Asperger’s (Autism) and has some neurological anomalies, symptoms of ADHD. The doctor providing the assessment believes that there is a strong correlation between the nuchal cords and some of his current problems. Who knows?

The whole point I wanted to make was, if at any time, something strikes your gut as not being right, persue it. I felt something was wrong when I originally met with my doctor and felt she wasn’t really hearing my concern, but my belief that she was knowledgable overrode my gut reaction. I still feel guilty over not having insisted she check my baby more thoroughly, especially after hearing the nuchal cords could have caused his problems.

If I could do I over again, I would rather have her think I was a neurotic pain in the neck rather that have my son suffer the possible life long consequences of my reticence.


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  2. As a mom with 2 close friends who had stillborn babies, the frantic motion this mom describes

    “tremendous movement. The only way to describe it was it was as if my baby was panicking and flailing the same way someone who was suffocating/drowning would flail and fight for air”

    Is a very common thing that still born moms report feeling and then within a day or so notice little to no movement. This is common knowledge in still born circles and I often wonder why some OBs dont’ take moms intuition and this information more seriously.

    I am glad that this mom got a second opinion, it saved her babies life!

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