A copy of this letter from an anesthesiologist circulated in an email group of mine, and then Rixa had the link to the original lettter which appeared in an anesthesiology journal, which was reposted on the site of a doctor who had about the same amount of compassion and respect for the people who pay him as the original anesthesiologist. The rudeness from this jerk is breathtaking. I think it may be beneficial to read this person’s perspective in his own words, so that you can get a glimpse of how some people are. I surely hope that most medical professionals are not this way.

It’s an example of what can happen when doctors think too highly of themselves, and not highly enough of patient’s rights and autonomy and ability to think and reason and decide for themselves. The anesthesiologist says that the patient “doctor-shopped” until she found someone who agreed to let her try a vaginal birth. I call it getting a second or a third opinion.

I read through about half of the comments, and think the majority of them were really good. The responses from the people who identified themselves as doctors showed the same level of callousness as the original poster, and the responses from the “regular folks” clearly demonstrated why so many people feel like they do about doctors.

The first comment reads,

You should take some time one night to rent (and watch) “the Business of Being Born” – it’s sensationalist and adversarial, and illuminates where some of the apparent childbirth psychosis comes from.

Maybe these doctors should take some time and really pay attention to the message of BoBB, and then they won’t call it “childbirth psychosis” when a woman wants to feel some measure of control over her life and her body and her birth, but instead the normal natural desires of any human not to be trodden underfoot by another human, no matter how many degrees he has attained nor how many letters he has after his name.


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