What to expect when you…treat women like children

Nicole at Bellies and Babies has an absolutely fabulous post on this subject, and if you read nothing else or click on nothing else in my blog, you need to read this post.


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  1. Ugh. Yes, I’ve always been a huge advocate of women, well – people in general, being proactive in their health care. Too many women, during pregnancy and childbirth, put their doctors on some sort of pedestal assuming every thing they do is right, warranted, and best for them, and it simply isn’t so.

    I’ve heard the debate that “they have the degree” – well, lots of people have degrees but don’t need insurance in case they’re wrong about something. Because they are human.

    Sigh. Women need to research, arm themselves with information, and be a PARTNER with their docs, not a submissive mouse looking for the cheese at the end of the maze, because their doc told them to.

    Thank you for a great blog!

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