Now this is what I’m talking about!

Click here to read the story from CBS News about midwife Ruth Lubic, who serves the Washington, D.C., community.

Her accomplishments: zero infant deaths, although attending women in the poorest communities, who typically have worse birth outcomes than better-off women; and she cut in half the number of preterm births, which is a major risk factor for infant mortality.

How did she accomplish this? According to her, by treating the women with respect — spending time with them in prenatal visits, truly educating them (rather than spending a couple of minutes with them like many obstetricians’ visits) on topics as diverse as posture and nutrition.

Lubic’s biggest fan is D.C. city councilman David Catania. He says because she keeps hundreds of babies out of prenatal care, she saves the city around a $1 million a year.

In a previous post, I mentioned the desire for a prospective study of low-risk midwifery clients vs. obstetric patients, to see if the outcomes were different in mortality, morbidity, rate of prematurity, etc. While the above is not a study, it is extremely interesting that her clients just “happen” (?) to have much better rates than the D.C. average, when it comes to neonatal or infant mortality and rates of prematurity. Quite interesting.


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