Excellent reference for Hyperemesis Gravidarum

Never having had more than mild morning sickness (rarely in the mornings, of course), I can’t really relate to women who suffer from hyperemesis gravidarum. Most of my episodes of nausea and vomiting were triggered by certain smells (lettuce or other greens that had gone bad were the worst!) so as long as I avoided those triggers, I did pretty well. Even though my nausea lasted up through the first half of pregnancy, I only vomited a few times in each pregnancy — maybe once a week, if that, from weeks 6-22. Some women very nearly die from HG, because they cannot keep any food or liquid down, and are in danger of becoming dehydrated. I’ve even heard of women who have had abortions because they felt like they had no alternatives (their doctors ignored their pleas for help, or acted as if it were all in their heads, and did not prescribe them any medication or hospitalize them for rehydration through IVs — so sad!).

Since I’m always glad to be learning, I enjoy reading other people’s blogs for their perspective, knowledge, and wisdom. And here is an excellent blog about hyperemesis gravidarum: The Whining Puker. Not only does she have her first-hand experience, but she has book reviews, links to websites and blogs, and an amazing amount of research into Hyperemesis Helps — herbs, medications, tips, etc. Very excellent!


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  1. Thanks!! You are so sweet!!! 🙂

  2. i just had an abortion yesterday due to complications with HG. It was such a hard decision. The only thing that made the decision easy for me was the sever pain I was in constantly. Zofran and suppositories weren’t helping anymore and i was hospitalized on Friday and couldn’t eat or drink for 5 days. I am now, of course, dealing with the sadness of such a horrible decision i had to make with my partner. he was very supportive of course, he knew my body wasn’t allowing me to continue with this pregnancy. i believe in a holistic body and a healthy body to carry a child and I hated that i was already taking so many medications and not eating. regardless of what stories i heard of how many women successfully had babies even though they suffered with HG, lost so much weight, took medications not approved to take during pregnancy, etc. i wish everyone who has ever struggled with this, or is now, all the love and compassion available in the universe. we have decided to not try again as this is something that we feel my body won’t be okay with in the future either. there are too many options available.

    I’m so sorry for what you went through. — Kathy

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