Knowledge vs. Wisdom

This is an excellent post on an L&D nurse’s blog, about the difference between medical “knowledge” which is highly prized in our society, and the “wisdom” that comes from the laboring woman’s body itself. And what happens when that “wisdom” is ignored, because the “knowledge” says differently.

While the entire post is excellent, and I hope you will go over there and read the whole thing, my favorite section of it is near the end (the last sentence is what I’m talking about — the rest is provided for context):

If the mother has an epidural and cannot feel when to push, the care provider places a hand on the mother’s abdomen to feel when the contraction starts. The care provider then relays this information to the mother. The mother’s body is speaking, but the mother needs an interpreter to interpret the message because the technology has come between her and her body!

This true statement is so sad!


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