This made me laugh

In doing some research, I came across this article which examined the pregnancy folklore that women who have a lot of heartburn have babies with a lot of hair, and vice versa. The researchers assumed that this was a statement without basis, and were surprised to find that it was valid! I’d never actually heard this supposition, so it was funny to me — two things you’d just never logically connect… yet someone did connect it perhaps centuries ago, before there were studies to confirm it. While it’s funny and somehow “nice” to know that this old wives’ tale is accurate, part of me is left scratching my head that 1) somebody actually funded this study (who was it — Tums?); 2) somebody thought it was scholarly enough to propose such a study; and 3) real researchers actually spent time on it, though I can’t imagine a medical benefit to it. (The researchers ended up hypothesizing that perhaps whatever chemical reaction or substance gave mom heartburn was also somehow a factor in baby’s hair growth.) But it still makes me laugh.

I had almost no heartburn while pregnant, and neither of my babies had much hair. But of course, when I posted this on an email list, several women wrote that their experiences were just the opposite! Ah, well, you can’t win ’em all! There must still be a correlation, even if not a true, 100%-accurate causation.


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