Hospital vs. Home Birth on Dr. Phil

Changed my mind — this sounds like an awful show! Click here to go to the current page where he’s wanting people to be on the show if they regret their decision to have a home birth. What, is he in bed with Dr. Amy or something? Here are the current criteria for guests appearing on this show:

Did  you have a child at your home?

Did you want to have a soothing experience where you were in control and could bond with your child?

Did it not go the way you planned?

Do you regret having a home birth?

Do you regret using a midwife instead of going to a hospital?

Did you have your second child the traditional way in a hospital?

If you or someone you know regrets having a home birth please tell us your story below.

I responded to this, answering “no” to every question, and elaborating.

Dr. Phil just lost my viewership!


4 Responses

  1. Ugh. I’m half tempted to pretend to be unsupportive of home birth, but I am sure there will be vultures. It would be nice though if we all did that. Pretended to be unsupportive to get on the show and then change our stance.

  2. Oh and Dr. Phil one time had a segment on breastfeeding. He took the father’s side who was against breastfeeding a six month because it took away his time with mother. Dr. Phil never had my viewership.

  3. Oh my gosh I just heard about this and I can’t believe it. I actually know someone that the producers called to invite on to the show until the producers talked to the husband and realized that he was 100% on board for the home birth and suported his wife 100% then the producers called my friend and cancled. They want spouces who are not in agreement. This seriously irritates me! So many women believe what they see on TV….

  4. GAAAH! This absolutely makes my blood BOIL. While I have my personal preferences, I believe women need to be given the choice of where and with whom they wish to birth. It’s not some sickness that needs to be monitored in the hospital! It’s a natural, normal part of life. I hate that he’s negatively sensationalizing birth stories in general, as if women haven’t already heard more horror stories than they can shake a stick at. People need to speak up about their amazing inspiring fulfilling childbirth stories. My daughter’s birth at a birthing center in CO changed my life it was so beautiful and amazing!

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