I agree with Dr. Amy

Incredible! Never thought I’d say it! (Don’t worry — I won’t make a habit of it!) 🙂

Read this post on some blog of hers I just happened across about “How to lower the C-section rate.”

She suggests a no-fault compensation fund, which I’ve also read of elsewhere (I think they may even have it in some states) in the case of babies who don’t make it or who survive with difficulties. Most of us home-birth advocates understand that there is no guarantee for a perfect outcome. Some babies just won’t make it; others will have problems; and neither of those is necessarily the midwife’s or doctor’s fault.

Another way would be to set up a court system just for medical cases — not just for obstetrics, but for other branches of medicine as well. The reality of our current system of using 12 people “off the street” is that they may simply be unable to wade through all of the medical testimony without getting totally bogged down. Most of this is due to the jargon and sesquipedalian words so common in medicine; as well as the probability of conflicting testimony from two doctors of equal credentials. Then it comes down to a popularity (or believability) contest between expert witnesses, with the plaintiffs having the “sympathy vote” for having a dead or disabled child. But if there could be a jury seated of medical professionals (not necessarily doctors; could be nurses, midwives, or others who may have medical knowledge; and not necessarily 12 people — the Supreme Court only has 9 justices, and many panels only have 3 judges), that already knew most or all of the medical terms that would be used in the cases presented before them, then they would be less likely to be misled by a bad “expert” witness who could fool an average person by using big words and convoluted language.

It’s an idea.


2 Responses

  1. Do you think it can happen? It make so much sense and I have to say common sense seems to be lacking in our goverment.
    I will sign the petion whe it comes!!!
    Thank you so much for your wonderful blog, i receice so much valuable info from you and often forward to other birth junkie friends.
    Keep up the fab work

  2. I tend to agree with your solution, it’s brilliant, but only reserve it for egregious errors.

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