Solace for Mothers

Many women struggle to come to terms with their birth experiences. This struggle ranges from mild, “Oh, I wish I’d remembered to have or do X while I was in labor,” to the severe problems stemming from birth trauma, many of times inflicted by callous doctors or nurses who are not sympathetic to the human being that is their patient.

Here is a resource for women who are having problems after a “challenging childbirth”: Solace for Mothers. Here is information from the home page:

Birth can be beautiful for some women. And for some women, difficult deliveries bring fear, pain, grief, isolation, anger, and shame for months or even years.

Talking by phone to a trained and sympathetic peer counselor can help a mother to come to terms with the feelings and thoughts she is afraid to say aloud to anyone else. Calls are free and confidential. Monthly in-person facilitated support meetings allow women to come together to cry and to laugh. Call 877-SOLACE4 – sharing, understanding, and healing.

Please browse our web site to learn more about Solace for Mothers. If you work with birthing women, please offer us as a resource. We are presently preparing to launch an online community where women can connect around birth trauma concerns.

Some women speak of their births in terms reminiscent of rape or some other assault. Many other women would not use such terms, but do have severe trauma — they may just not use those words… out loud. Many people in the birth community are of the opinion that interventive births (C-sections, episiotomies, inductions, etc.) are more likely to lead to women who feel traumatized by the way they gave birth. Most of these are due to the fact that the mothers were not told what was going on, or were bullied into accepting something they didn’t want, or thought they or their babies were going to die. There are some stories of very uncaring “care” providers — stories that make me cringe, or even cry. If you are having a problem accepting what happened to you in the time surrounding your baby’s birth, please seek help.


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