Common Fertility Treatments “No Better than Nature”

So says this article from the Times Online, a British newspaper. It reports on a study of 580 women with unexplained infertility. This group was divided into three different groups: the first was given advice on having regular sex, but no other “aid” to conceiving; the second was given Clomid, a drug to increase a woman’s chances of ovulation; and the third was given intra-uterine insemination, with the theory that sperm injected artificially into the uterus have a better chance of making it to the egg than sperm deposited naturally at the mouth of the cervix. The women were followed for six months of the treatment; and at the end of the study time (which I assume to be by about nine months after the end of the six-month period), there had been 101 live births. The IUI group had the highest percentage, the Clomid group had the lowest; but the researchers said the difference was statistically insignificant. Women who had no treatment other than telling them, basically, to keep trying, were in the middle.

After the article, at least one doctor pointed out that this only applies to women with unexplained infertility — for women with PCOS or some other explanation for their infertility, Clomid is a proven fertility treatment.


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