Breech revisited

My previous posts about on the subject of breeches have been well-received, with some of them being the most widely read. I add now to them, because of a conversation in one of my email lists.

One of the people said that when her mother was pregnant with her, she was head-down until her mother had some sort of accident or fall a week or two before she was born, and then she turned breech and was born breech.

Some reasons for breech are well-known and widely accepted (including fetal abnormality, cord entanglement, and prematurity), but in about half of the cases, there is no apparent reason for the baby to be breech. One theory that some have advanced — including one of the women who responded to the above breech-born woman — is that of some sort of maternal skeletal misalignment. She said that in her practice, when a woman has a breech baby, they first make sure there is no problem with her back or spine before they move on to look at other factors. This may be why the Webster chiropractic technique helps so many women who have babies who are in breech or transverse positions — bringing the body into alignment allows the ligaments and muscles to relax and assume their best and most natural position, including those of and surrounding the uterus.

You may not remember such a slip or fall that may have injured or at least bothered your back. It may be that you have an injury from years ago that you’ve almost forgotten about. (My mother injured her back when the swing she was sitting on collapsed; but her attention was focused on the shard that embedded itself deep into her calf, and she didn’t think much about her back. A couple of years later, she could barely stand, much less walk, due to the degeneration of the discs between the bones of her spine. With regular chiropractic care, she has resumed her normal life, but she still has spasms of pain even 15 years later, and can’t sit for long periods of time except with pain and difficulty.) It may be that you’ve slipped on the ice and “threw your back out” or “wrenched your back” but you’re fine now… or so you think.

It may be that you don’t have any “trauma” to your back, but the daily stress of living and moving (or sitting still, especially in such comfortable but not-good-for-your-back easy chairs or bucket seats) may still get your back out of alignment, or cause some other continuous stress unawares.

While it may be frowned upon, or looked on skeptically, by the medical community, it is certainly worth the investment of a little money and time to go to a chiropractor or some other similar practitioner to make sure there is no physical reason why your baby is breech. (Do make sure you get a good one — there are plenty of quacks out there that aren’t worth the money you pay them.) If it doesn’t work, you’ve lost nothing; if it does work, however, then you’ve likely saved yourself a C-section.


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  1. I clearly remember “near” falling a week before my due date and in my writing I question if that had anything to do with my son turning breech. I didn’t finish falling. I slipped on wet floor and caught myself on the counter. My whole body contracted (like whiplash) to catch myself. My abdominal muscles were sore for a few days.

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  3. I know this is an old article, but it has given me some comfort and hope. I have chronic pain issues and my back and I’ve had to work on not being so tense, but I got a cold a few days ago and started coughing and sneezing a lot and within a day baby turned breech. My doctor has been suggesting a cesarean from the beginning for what seem to be not so valid reasons (like I’m petite and may have trouble with delivery). As soon as he saw that she turned today he started talking about a c-section. I’m only 29 weeks so hopefully if I start seeing a chiropractor I can get her turned back around before my due date. Thank you for sharing this and keeping it posted.

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