Twins Information

Here is a website with many links to twins stories and other twins information. (It says it’s under construction, and unfortunately, not all of the links work.) While much of the information and most of the stories promote twins home-birth, there is some information from “the other side” presented as well — much of that is in the mother’s narrative, for example, “My doctor was against a home birth because of….” or, “My doctor wanted me to have a C-section because….”

If you are pregnant with twins, and all you’ve heard is “mandatory C-section,” then this information may be beneficial to you to open up some dialog with your doctor. You may still decide to have a C-section (and in your case, it may be best), but if you have some reservations now about it, and want to make sure you are hearing all sides of the story and not just your doctor’s opinion, you will find these links interesting.

I didn’t read all of the stories, but just from glancing at them, I was amazed at the fact that most if not all of these women went to term, and some even went past their due dates. For twins. Who typically come before 37 weeks. Another fact — their birth-weights are all about what single babies weigh at birth 6-8 lb. And the time between the births of the twins was also surprising — one set was separated by 90 minutes! But most were closer to 15-20 minutes. My husband and his brother, as well as a man in our church and his twin, were both born 3 minutes apart (and a very important three minutes it is — the firstborn of a set of twins is still the firstborn, even if the other follows close behind). I suppose that these births were typical of the late 60s / early 70s births in which the mothers were heavily drugged and the babies dragged out by forceps, accounting for the short time-span between births. I remember reading some time ago that Ann Landers and Abigail Van Buren were born 17 minutes apart; and another twins birth-story from about that era in which the babies were also born 17 minutes apart.

My thanks to Dr. Jen who shared this link with me.


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