Doctors don’t know everything

Here’s a story that is worth reading.

During her pregnancy, the baby was diagnosed with severe fetal anomalies, and the mother was counseled to abort. She declined. She had several more appointments and appointments with various doctors, and they all counseled her to abort, saying the baby had no chance and could not live — not with the anomalies he had.

They would not perform a C-section, because the baby could not live. They would not even monitor the baby during labor, because they knew the baby could not live, and they didn’t want the mother to be distressed by hearing erratic fetal heart-tones, fetal distress, or the baby’s heart stop beating.

They were wrong.


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  1. Dear Kathy,

    Nice post, as usual. You know, I had a friend in college who had gotten pregnant when she was sixteen (16). I met her little boy, two at the times, and he was such a little cutie. I knew I always wanted children, and I felt that I was very maternal. I couldn’t wait to start a family, but we had many discussions about her having him so young, and some of the things she went through while pregnant.

    Even though I knew she loved him very, very much, she wished she’d waited until she was done with her education, and met Mr. Right, instead of Mr. Right Now. One day she told me that she almost aborted him.Like I said, she was young, uneducated, and scared. Not only that, she had a sonogram that showed him having a severe defect. This ultrasound actually showed that he had NO ARMS, and NO LEGS!

    I was totally shocked. She was so scared, wondered what she did wrong, and fretted over how she would care for this disabled child. Well, he finally entered the world, but he was perfect, and perfectly healthy! How could this be? Did his defects magically disappear, or were the doctors wrong? Any guess would prove the latter, and it just goes to show that the medical community CAN error. So, in short, get those second opinions. I certainly learn something new each day, and it’s wonderful to be educated, and full of knowledge.

    (My many apologies if there are any typos. It’s hard to see my wording when it goes under your “CATEGORIES”, your newer posts.)


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