Dr. Amy and Birth Trauma

Navelgazing Midwife says it so well, I won’t add anything else, lest it end up detracting.

And, if you’re new here from Dr. Amy’s anti-homebirth blog, I’m one of the many who have been deleted and censored from her “debate.” Yeah, some debate it is when only one side is free to speak.

If you’re coming from her site, it may interest you to look for comments she’s posted to other blogs and stories, because she says one thing on her own blog when responding to advocates of home and/or natural birth, and quite different things when she’s responding to other people. Will the real Dr. Amy please stand up?

My thanks to Fearless Birth for the link.


4 Responses

  1. bashes.
    lather… repeat… rince…

  2. I just wrote a nice long piece about her “debate” site.

    She isn’t promoting good information, she’s pushing her own agenda.

  3. I do not believe this

  4. Ah, birth trauma. It has been estimated that 1 in 4 women has experienced rape, and that only 1 in 10 will report this crime. It has also been incredibly established (Thanks Amy!) that birth trauma PTSD is triggered by past sex trauma history. So any medico who is not wholly sensitive to rape statistics and their place in birth is not qualified to practice.

    When the intent of the medico is to lower their liability/insurance premiums/time requirements, then the intent of the intervention is to benefit the medico, and can no longer be reasonably be called a proper medical procedure. This is known as defensive medicine.

    PTSD is an expected byproduct of defensive medicine. Some women have described their birthing experiences as rape. If these women and their children were targeted for defensive practice, then they were. Sexual penetration. Benefit to the perp. Defensive medicine. Rape. Battery. Manslaughter.

    Intent is everything.

    The symptoms are assorted unnecessary procedures, excessive NICU admittance, and extensive post-natal therapies for the lucky survivors.

    The cause is a medical system bogged down with unqualified practitioners.

    The solution is transparency in maternity practices, consumer education, and government intervention in the form of mandatory adherence to informed consent, evidenced based care, and reporting of adverse events.

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