Why is it that everything in German sounds like you’re clearing your throat? Or is some dread disease? Or some weird sexual thing? 🙂

I was prompted to write this post because I experienced mittelschmerz today. It literally means “middle pain” and is the abdominal discomfort that many women get in the middle of their cycle and in the middle of their bodies (the abdomen). Although the exact reason (or reasons) is unknown, it has to do with ovulation — whether the egg actually breaking out of the ovary, or the follicles ripening, or something. This pain can last from a few minutes to many hours. Some women feel this pain on both sides of their abdomen, but I’ve only felt it on one side at a time — although there have been cycles when I’ve felt it on both sides, but it’s been at distinctly different times. (I joke that if I were to get pregnant that cycle, it would be twins, but I don’t know for sure that two eggs were released — it could have been follicular ripening on both sides, but only one egg matured.)

I would describe the pain as a dull, nagging ache. Today, it seemed to go on for a long time, so I finally took some calcium. (I’m a big fan of calcium for aches and pains — it’s my pain reliever of choice, especially for menstrual cramps.) Since mittelschmerz can come and go, I can’t say for sure that the calcium relieved the pain — it’s possible that it would have stopped at that time anyway. But within about 30 minutes of taking the calcium tablets, the pain was gone and hasn’t come back. Since I get mittelschmerz with great frequency, I’m going to try to remember to take calcium at the beginning of the pain next cycle, and see if it helps. However, maybe it’s just my body’s signal that it needs more calcium in general, and if I take calcium regularly, it will prevent the pain in the first place….


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