Round Ligament Pain

During pregnancy, many women experience a sharp pain or dull ache in the abdomen/pelvis area. This is frequently “round ligament pain,” caused when the ligaments that hold the uterus stretch to adjust for the growing baby. (There are other reasons, such as ectopic pregnancy, appendicitis,ruptured ovarian cyst, etc., so be sure to check any pain with your midwife or doctor if you’re unsure of the source.) I only ever got this pain on my right side, just above the pubic bone and about halfway between my belly button and my hip. My midwife shared with me this tip of getting rid of it — massage it, and lift your leg slightly (like on the rung of a chair; whichever leg is on the side of the pain) and lean forward. Worked every time.


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  1. Hi! (It is I, Brooke, and I wrote this as simply as I could)

    I have questions, and I was hoping you had some good information
    regarding these. Is using unprescribed Progesterone cream, at
    any time, okay? In short, when my regular stuff was empty, I
    went to a GNC store, and purchased an all natural “P” cream
    containing ingredients like: wild-yam root, etc. Well, to my
    surprise, this wild-yam is no good, according to many sources.
    Do you know anything about any of this? Luckily, I only used
    this “wild stuff” for a couple of days, but what is your
    opinion? Thank you in advance. I wanted to write more, but I
    guess I just felt some type of way asking you questions. It
    seems kinda weird. Let me know if your not comfortable doing
    this … Okay?

    P.S. I loved, loved, loved the natual birthing of multiples
    video … (very cool!!) I love it when multiples are born


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