And if you don’t believe me…

…then check out this article by a former L&D nurse. (Be sure to click “next” which is on the left-hand side of the screen to read the next page of the article.)

She talks about (among other things) why you can’t eat or drink in labor; the downsides of epidurals; why doctors are so quick to call for a C-section; that doctors aren’t trained to attend vaginal breech births; that (in fact) doctors aren’t trained to do a lot of things any more, because they are trained to rely on machines and medicine; giving medicine via IV without the woman’s knowledge or consent; the use of Cytotec; and hospital-acquired infections.


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  1. Thanks for referencing my article. You might enjoy a visit to my blog. Also, you left a question on midwife with a knife about why babies have to go to be separated from moms following delivery. It is true that procedures could be ‘postponed’ and that many things could be done at the bedside and even on mom’s tummy, but to do things this way would greatly upset the apple cart. If you ‘postponed’ procedures on your shift and suddenly your shift ended without you getting them done, there would be hell to pay from the oncoming nurse who would only view your actions as work avoidance. Also there’s the problem of the baby having one nurse and the mom having another (some hospitals do it this way) so you’d have two nurses to convince to do their jobs totally differently (and in an untimely fashion) since most of them have to finish up with you and get on to the next patient- and woe unto them if they present you to your postpartum nurse without their tasks completed.

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