The Best-Kept Secret

“What would happen if women were taught to enjoy birth rather than endure it?” poses the website Orgasmic Birth. The answer lies in the film of the same name, which follows eleven women as they give birth.

Think orgasmic or ecstatic birth is impossible? I know that birth can be empowering. On another blog I read in the past (and can’t recall where!), the author likened sex to birth in this way:

Is sex painful? Most women will say no. But all women will recognize that sex is painful or distasteful or otherwise negative for some women. In like manner, birth is painful, distasteful, or otherwise negative for most women, but for some it is not painful, it is pleasurable, and completely positive.

Think about it — if sex can be unpleasant or downright painful for some women but not for all, why then cannot birth be the same? There are many reasons why some women will not like sex; ditto for birth. But if you were talking to a woman who found sex painful, while you found it pleasurable, would you not want to give her tips or information on making sex better for her — enjoyable, even? So if a woman found birth orgasmic and wanted to share with you how that happened, wouldn’t you want her to share that information?


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