A near-death experience, courtesy of Cytotec

When independent childbirth educator Nicole D. was pregnant with her first child, she consented to an induction when she went nearly two weeks past her due date. Although she said she was “naive and unprepared,” she did know that she most certainly did not want Cytotec (a.k.a. “misoprostol”, “miso” or “the little white pill”) used on her. Her doctor was in agreement with her, saying he never used it. Unfortunately, the doctor who was at the hospital when she went in to be induced did use it — against her express wishes, and without informing her that he had done so.

Read the rest of her story here.

For more information about Cytotec, please visit the Tatia Oden French Memorial website. Tatia Oden French was induced with Cytotec when she went past her due date, and both she and her baby died. Her mother vowed, “That drug is going to go away.” You can read more about her efforts here.


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  1. Nicole:
    The link on your site in the Cytotec category is one of the best I have seen. I could not have been more comprehensive if I tried. There are many lawsuits filed, most settled out of court with gag clauses, but most of them never see the lite of the media. This is something we in the birth community need to change, along with so many other things. But the more publicity and press Cytotec inductions get…. the more we can get the word about Cytotec out of the birth community ( where it is well known) and into the street ( so to speak) and the rest of the communities…. where it is not well known ….. and since the doctors are prescribing it…. the moms trust what they say.

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