Inflammatory Breast Cancer

This is not your “normal” breast cancer. It doesn’t show up in a mammogram. It doesn’t have lumps. Here’s a link to the blog I read, which also has the youtube video of a segment that aired on a local TV news show.


2 Responses

  1. Thank you so much for putting this valuable piece of education on your blog! I hope with all my heart those who read this will go to to find out the other symptoms that occur with this insidious disease. According to the National Institute of Health, 200,000 people or less with the same disease classifies rare .. need I say more? We are working diligently on public awareness of IBC not just to the general public but the medical community as well. MOST people with IBC do not have a lump. Mammograms do not usually detect this disease which is in a class of its own, to be compared with no other so knowing the symptoms can save lives. My daughter was diagnosed with IBC at age 36 and is a ten and a half year IBC survivor who continues to remarkably well. Thank you again!
    Marilyn ‘Mare’ Kirschenbaum
    Vice President
    Inflammatory Breast Cancer Foundation
    Toll free 1-866-944-4223
    “Prompt Diagnosis is Vital for Survival.”

  2. […] that breast cancer I blogged about a few months ago?” So I went to the computer and looked up that post, because I couldn’t even remember the name: Inflammatory Breast Cancer. I watched the video I […]

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