Why I am Pro-Life

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Among other things, abortion kills women, increases their risk of future problems in pregnancy including but not limited to future infertility, increased risk of miscarriage and stillbirth, and preterm labor. Then there are the mental side effects, which are less visible but no less harmful.


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  1. Has anybody done the math to factor in the damage abortion does to women’s bodies and the effect this may be having on our maternal mortality rate? This would be especially true of public pay patients and minority women, who already have higher rates of abortion complications.

  2. If anyone has done it, I’m unaware of it; however, I think that would be an excellent topic for research! According to abortionfacts.com, abortion does increase the risk of future placenta previa, uterine rupture, and ectopic pregnancies, all of which increase the risk of maternal mortality. But since these things are possible even in the absence of previous abortion, how is it to be proved that this woman’s uterine rupture that ended up killing her was due to an abortion a decade previously. Especially if she never told anyone about it.

    It may be that the known reasons for maternal mortality in the U.S. may be contributing factors in abortion deaths and complications. In general, poor health — for whatever reason — puts a person at higher risk for everything, from heart disease to cancer. Also, maternal mortality technically should include all abortion deaths. However, even the CDC admits that maternal mortality is under-reported.

    But it technically should be able to be figured. According to the link I mentioned above, the increased risk of these complications is known. Although the accuracy may rightly be questioned for scientific purposes, it would be good enough for an estimate. For example, if post-abortive women have a 30% greater risk of future placenta previa, and the risk of maternal death strictly due to placenta previa is known(including the greater risk of death due to C-section), then that could be figured. However, the true toll will likely never be known, simply because of all the confounding factors. Currently, most hospitals require women who have previously had a C-section to have repeat C-sections. The complication risk goes up (sometimes exponentially) with every C-section. So a woman may die 10 years and 3 C-sections after her abortion; but the abortion set in motion the chain of events that led to her death. Too speculative for science perhaps, but a real possibility nonetheless.

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